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Training Philosophy

Both fitness and peak performance are science, not magic. I provide the science and you must put in the time and effort. The human body is one of the most adaptable organisms on earth—be specific and demanding and your body will respond. It will step up and make changes when it is challenged. It can become efficient, strong and indestructible in any set of challenges.

Fitness Philosophy

Reaching your fitness goals is like building a house: every workout and correct meal choice is like a brick. Keep laying bricks and soon you'll see a foundation and then a house. Your house keeps getting refined throughout your lifetime. You must be consistent and methodical—it takes time to build the house of your dreams. When there are enough bricks in your house it will still stand even if you get reckless once in a while, as we all sometimes do in life. The sooner you get back on track with your workouts and correct meal choices, the quicker and easier it is to fix the destruction.

Performance Philosophy

The key to peak performance is correcting your imbalances and getting your muscles to stabilize and support your skeleton...then adding in specifics.