Kori Lyn + Dr. Glass

Two dedicated professionals, two innovative and educated minds combine to rehabilitate and prevent injury, to develop one prescription to deliver your optimal performance.

Kori Lyn, a highly educated elite trainer, stays clear of unscientific forays into new age fitness and of-the-moment training trends. She is one of the rare few fitness professionals who insists that her techniques, plans and routines fit into the well-studied, documented and proven fields of anatomy and exercise physiology.

Dr. Dustin R. Glass, D.C., is an Active Release Techniques® Certified Provider for the upper extremities, lower extremities and spine with extended certifications in Long Tract Nerve Entrapments and Biomechanics. In addition to his ART certifications, Dr. Glass has achieved the highest degree of proficiency as an ART provider and was accepted as part of ART's Elite Providers Network (EPN). Learn more by visiting his website at www.competitiveedgechiro.com. 

The highly-respected team of Kori Lyn and Dr. Glass applies the straight-forward, well-studied science of anatomy, performance and functionality to their highly effective approach to injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and optimal performance in athletes and individuals. Because of their unique areas of expertise, Kori Lyn and Dr. Glass make a powerful collaborative team when evaluating clients’ needs. Together, they examine all areas of weakness and injury to develop a plan of action for the highest level of physical health and optimum athletic performance. If you have a physical issue, concern or question that you would like Kori Lyn and Dr. Glass to review, please describe it as briefly yet specifically as possible.

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