Trainers Reveal: The Exercise I'm Loving Right Now
Fitness expert Kori Lyn Angers, who trains professional athletes, loves the low-impact, functional cross-over step-up because it’s easy to do and shapes the buns and thighs.

Power Play: Treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical?

Kara Mayer Robinson interviews Tier 4 Master Trainer Kori Lyn Angers for WebMD's digital magazine. See p. 42.

"I absolutely hate running on a treadmill, so I run intervals with varying speed or incline. I always write my workouts down beforehand and hold myself to the script." --Kori Lyn Angers, BS, CSCS

One Thing to Recognize While Treating Chronic Pain by Ashley Lauretta

For runners, Kori Lyn Angers shares that the way to treat joint pain is to recognize the adaptiveness of the body.

"As you work out, you are creating a cascade of reactions throughout your body. If you are consistent, it will lead you to a place where the body will want to get out of the pain, and you will adapt to a new place."--Kori Lyn Angers

Ask the Experts: How to prevent runner's slouch
Bob Cooper interviews Kori Lyn Angers about how to keep great posture during a long run. Runner's World print version, August 2014.


The World's Greatest Stretch
by Kori Lyn Angers
"...I have been working as a strength and conditioning specialist for almost 10 years, training and rehabbing fitness clients and athletes, and this is absolutely my favorite stretch. It’s sort of legendary."


Team USA's Ryan Miller: How I Recover
by Kori Lyn Angers
"The intense strength and conditioning workouts are the glorified palite athlete training, however in reality this only happens in the pre-season,” explains Kori Lyn Malyszek, Southern California’s EFTI coordinator. “Once the season starts, the focus of the athlete is on a well-planned recovery regimen.”


Get fit to sit in the saddle and enjoy the ride by Debbie Arrington Becoming a better rider starts in the gym. Just like other athletes hone their bodies and minds away from their sport, riders need to work on specific muscle groups and skills -- before they swing into the saddle.

Angers chose sports medicine and conditioning as a profession. "I've worked with all sorts of pro athletes -- NFL players, hockey players, NBA and pro baseball players. I took what I do for other athletes and give that benefit to riders, whether professional or amateur."

Giddy-up: How to get fit before you get on a horse

Small things to improve your strength and agility will make anyone a better rider. ---by Debbie Arrington 

"Even simple things -- like putting your heel down or moving your leg back -- you can't do if physically you don't have that range of motion," says Kori Lyn Angers, a fitness expert. "By doing little things to improve your strength and agility, you can become a better rider at any level."

Rider's Prep
Rider Conditioning Out of the Saddle
with Kori Lyn Angers

"Kori Lyn Angers has designed Riders Prep, the perfect conditioning routine that activates and strengthens "Equestrian-specific" body issues with on-point, focused exercises that get you ready to ride!"