Kori has given me time efficient and targeted workouts that keep me working to my highest potential in the ring.  I use "Riders Prep" as my personal trainer on the road.  It targets equestrian specific strength and balance needs without zapping your energy for schooling and competition.  Finally, equestrians are being treated like true athletes!  Getting the attention and knowledge to train specifically to maximize and maintain their performance in the ring.

- Susie Hutchison

Inducted into Show Jumping Hall of Fame 2016

Working out is like flatwork for our horses.  If they are not strong and flexible they can't perform to the best of their ability!  The same applies to the rider.  I am at my best when my body is strong and flexible and my mind is focused, all of which is fine tuned during my workout sessions at Equinox.

- Hillary Ridland - Professional Grand Prix Rider

Working with Kori has truly improved my strength and balance which is so important in riding.  Kori realizes that greater strength is needed to work effectively with your horse - not against it.  Being equally balanced left and right, and forward and back, is very important when training horses.

- Chris Pratt - Professional Grand Prix Rider


When I joined Equinox in West Hollywood, I was truly fortunate to be paired up with Kori Lyn Angers for my Fitness Evaluation and subsequent first training session. Initially I wanted to find a trainer that would help me augment my karate practice. Kori was able to evaluate my movements and utilize her extensive knowledge in biomechanics and kinesiology. Immediately, thanks to her, I was able to improve my technique and endurance. I was lucky to be paired with such an enthusiastic and highly educated trainer because as a Second Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, I have a high standard of training and it took someone special to raise the bar for me. She then opened my eyes to many different training activities: spinning, running, boot-camps, and plyometrics. With all of this variety I now have a new love for fitness and I am inspired to keep going daily. I have also been fortunate enough to be a part of her group training sessions both at Equinox and the Santa Monica Beach, and she is able to inspire the group as well as keep her eye on each individual and give the necessary attention.

Kori has a passion for all aspects of fitness and nutrition and truly has the education and scientific savvy to back it up! I have been training with Kori for over a year now and I learn something new every session. She has transformed my body and the way I live my life, I feel like a well rounded athlete thanks to her. I continue to shout her praise to my friends, and family and everyone I work with. Nothing makes me happier than sending her new clients, with the hopes that she can change their lives in the way she has most definitely changed mine!

 — Justin R.


When I turned 40, I had a realization that I was out of shape, over weight, and had poor dietary habits. After working with Kori for 6 months, I was in great shape. I lost the weight and changed my dietary habits. I reached my 6 month goal to improve my health and climbed the highest peak in the African Continent, Mount Kilimanjaro. My new body strength and cardiovascular health allowed me to reach the oxygen-depleted peak at 19,341 feet with ease.

— Paul B., M.S., M.D., FAAEM, FACEP
Emergency medicine physician


When I started training with Kori I was far from athletic—I hated working out and was even anxious about entering a gym. I was skeptical that a personal trainer could change my mind about an activity I'd hated for so long. From the first moment working with her, though, Kori put me at ease and helped me feel comfortable in the gym.

Within just the first week of working with Kori, even though I was very sore, I felt worlds better, both physically and mentally. All my gym-related anxieties had subsided and I was actually enjoying myself! In addition to creating workouts that were perfectly suited to me, Kori helped me adjust my diet and encouraged me to keep a food journal to track my progress.

Today, two years later, I still work out with Kori regularly, as well as go to the gym on my own. I feel amazing and all my friends and family have noticed the positive changes in me. My diet is still on track thanks to the food journal, which I continue to write in religiously. In short, Kori hasn't simply transformed my physical body, she has transformed my entire lifestyle. It is safe to say that she has exceeded my wildest expectations.

I honestly cannot praise her enough. I've never had a question about fitness or diet that she couldn't answer. Her passion and expertise shine through in everything she does. She is incredibly thoughtful and understanding, and free from negative judgment—a truly remarkable person.

— Molly T.


When Kori says jump, I jump!
When Kori says run, I run!
When Kori says lift, I lift!
When Kori says eat this, not that, I do it!

It works! Kori's prescription for fitness is scientific and has cured me of frustration and injuries. Her in-depth knowledge + her detailed, customized program = fantastic results. 

When a fitness trainer with such a high level of education, IQ, and experience as Kori tells me that she has confidence in my abilities, strength, and perseverance, it sends my self-inflicted, conjured-up limitations running for their lives! I've set new goals that I never would have considered before training with Kori: rock-climbing, competing in a triathlon or two, doing the "Jennifer Aniston" thing by looking better than I ever have...better than my ex-boyfriend's new girl. Now that's what I'm talking about!! ;)

                                                                                           — Marie M.


Kori is THE elite trainer! After training with Kori for over a year she continues to impress with a wide variety of work-out techniques, regiments and diet guidelines. Everything has its reason, just ask! My workouts with Kori are certainly far more intense (and rewarding) than training solo or with any other trainer I have used. Kori's knowledge in all things fitness is beyond impressive. Her advice and explanations are so exact that combined with her educational background I never have to question whether I should do as I am told. Just do as Kori says! Thanks to this mantra, and more-so thanks to Kori, I can say I have never been happier about my health as well as how I look and feel.

— Steen H.


I have been training with Kori for four months. I have always been a skinny lanky girl. I wanted to build more muscle and I knew Kori was the right person to go to. Not only did she change my body physically, but my whole mind set about working out has changed. Kori makes working out not only a learning experience but also fun. She constantly comes up with exciting, innovative workout routines. It's never the same and never a bore. She also teaches me about nutrition. Kori really does it all. I wouldn't go to anyone else, especially since I look so damn good thanks to Kori!

 — Jo S.

Kori is a naturally talented trainer.

Having a lean body type with problem areas—"skinny fat"—I was working out regularly with a trainer when I met Kori for the first time at Equinox. Anyone who has seen Kori cannot miss noticing her strong, lean, muscular-yet-feminine legs. I walked up to her, introduced myself, and asked about her own leg workout and diet. I cannot forget our conversation that day. She was so kind, passionate, knowledgeable, and compassionate that she gave me a strong impression as a beautiful human being. As beautiful and fit as she is on the outside, she is also so real and down-to-earth.

Although I was not her client then, whenever we bumped into each other at the gym she asked how my workout was going and shared tips. It showed that she cared and had so much passion for what she does. I started training with her and she helped me very effectively to look and feel good. Both her knowledge and compassion inspired me like no other trainer's ever did. She knows the human body inside and out. She also understands people’s psychology so that she can push and pull them during training. She truly cares about people and enjoys sharing her expertise. I always felt energized no matter how hard the physical training with her was.

For my profession I spend most of my time sitting without moving much. But I have managed to work out 4 to 5 days a week for the past three years even with a crazy work schedule, and now I can fit into my old pair of jeans I kept from college days, while being more toned than ever. I owe it much to Kori for her inspiration and training. Thank you, Kori, my friend. 

                                                                                           — Sujin N.
                                                                                                Film Composer

In looking for a trainer I needed someone who could both understand and work with the complex, sometimes contradictory aspects of my body. As an NCAA Division I athlete, I competed in both swimming and crew in college. I needed a trainer who understood this experience and who could train me accordingly, utilizing training ideals from this background to keep me physically engaged. As a recent cancer survivor, I needed someone who was very in tune with the subtleties of the body—from both a nutritional standpoint as well as a physical one—pushing me to strengthen my somewhat scarred structure but not push so hard that it's harmful. 

I am so thankful that Kori was recommended. Her amazing background as both an athlete and a trainer of world-class athletes gives her the wisdom to understand my own athletic foundation. Building upon that, her incredibly vast knowledge of body mechanics allowed me to strengthen my core muscle groups and move beyond my cancer experience, helping me troubleshoot along the way. Thanks to Kori, I once again feel strong – moving through the vulnerability that cancer creates within you to a place where I can stand on my own two feet (or squat, or jump, or lunge, etc.) and now I not only enjoy, but look forward to working out. 

I give Kori my highest recommendation. If you get the opportunity to train with her, do not pass it up. You will get something that you can build upon for the rest of your life. 

                                                                                           — Tanya N.

It’s challenging to find words grand enough to praise Kori. She shines BRIGHT. Her education, knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities are beyond that of any trainer I have ever worked with (and I have been working with personal trainers for 18 years). She is kind, caring, reliable, honest, and considerate. She is not only stellar at what she does, she is also stellar in who she is. 

I would refer any of my friends or family members to her because I trust her expertise and I know that she is someone who supports her clients in reaching optimal levels of health and fitness. She sets the standard for personal trainers everywhere.

                                                                                           — Amanda L.

Kori is the best!! She promised me that her workouts, coupled with my commitment, would help me achieve my goal of seriously changing my body composition after having two babies. We did it! With her amazing workouts, I reduced my body fat from 28% to close to 13.5% in about 3.5 months. Her athletic approach and extensive knowledge of physiology were amazing. I look and feel completely different thanks to her and we're not done yet!!

                                                                                           — Samantha J.